Columbia Jones and the Harpoons

Blues/Roots Rock

As a Jack-of-all-trades, Columbia has done it all. He was a finalist in the 2023 Telluride Solo blues challenge, a nationally touring Folk artist, and the drummer for an Americana band. But Columbia's voice as an artist is what sets him apart.

Growing up, Columbia was quite poor but he taught himself to play 8 different instruments. He learned early on how to book shows while many of his peers were still waiting for things to fall into their laps. While some friends fretted over day jobs or what car to buy, he was out every weekend earning money as a musician. This has given him a different perspective on life and on music. This creates songs that are both familiar and unique. In today's AI generated and people-pleasing content, this kind of music is incredibly important. As Columbia got older and could afford to, he began taking lessons on various instruments. Voice teacher Anthony Buck was a huge part of his journey and took his vocal ability to a whole new level. No matter the venue, his voice is always the highlight of the performance delivering both power, accuracy, and emotion.

These days he fronts Columbia Jones and the Harpoons: A powerful mix of Blues and Southern rock with a horn section. The songs go from groovy to powerful eliciting all the emotions that Columbia wants his audience to feel. His combination of hard work and talent has garnered him respect from venues all over Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah. A relationship he continues to nurture by taking his band out on tour twice a year. Throughout the night, you can expect to hear music from some of your favorite artists done just a little bit differently. But also you can expect to hear well crafted original music about life, love, and the world around us. 

Columbia Jones One Man Band


Columbia Jones is a nationally-touring singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and baseball card enthusiast. What began as his blues-fueled busking experiment on the street corners of Salt Lake City, quickly evolved into a nationally-touring act with a handful of well-received singles and one full-length album, “I'm a Terrible Human Being,” under his belt. 

Jones’ songs are earnest reflections of the everyday American experience paired with a sound that blends the best elements of Americana, Folk, Country, and Rock. His versatility as a musician is evident in the wide range of instruments and musical styles covered in his studio recordings, as well as onstage his on-stage performance, where gentle acoustic ballads can easily shift to a lively on-stage folk frenzy. Spectators of the this One Man Band can expect to see him perform on guitar while kicking a bass drum, foot tambourine, and some live looping. 

Columbia Jones had shared the stage with regional, national, and international artists. Here are few of them:

Mason Jennings

Goodnight, Texas

The Talbot Brothers

Shane Hall

Arcadian Wild

National Park Radio

Jeff Crosby and the Refugees

Pixie and the Partygrass Boys

Michael Barrow and the Tourists


Columbia has also played in 20 different states and even once in Canada. Below are a number of notable venues Columbia and his band have performed in.

The State Room, SLC UT

The Olympic, Boise ID

Frankie's Blue Room, Chicago IL

Dee's Country Club, Nashville TN

Lafayette's, Memphis TN

The Silver Dollar Bar, Jackson WY

O.P. Rockwell, Park City UT

The Reef, Boise ID

Buckhorn Bar, Laramie WY

The Cabin, Park City UT